Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Whats New in Adobe® Illustrator® CS3 !!

Live Color is new in Illustrator CS3 and a large step towards helping you find "good" colors, experiment with colors right on your artwork, and manage your colors as a group. Live color is composed of 3 major parts:
1. The Color Guide panel, which is a lightweight interface to find compelling color groups. 2. Changes to the Swatches panel, which include the ability to save a set of colors as a group, view grouping structure from within the Swatches panel, and extract all used colors from specific selected artwork. 3. The Live Color dialog box, which allows you to find compelling color groups right on an interactive color wheel and to define custom color groups. It also gives you the ability to constrain color group selection to specific Color Panels/Color Spaces (for instance WebSafe or Pantone®).

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