Saturday, June 28, 2008

Get the domain name you want

Nearly 40 years after the virtual world started, companies and individuals will be able to apply for any address on the Internet and not be limited to just the 21 suffixes like .com (accounting for 80 per cent), .net and .info or country-specific appendages like .in for India. Top-level domain names till date were restricted by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) -- an international not-for-profit body that oversees the structure of the Internet. Its board, according to Paul Twomey, president and CEO of ICANN, has now given the go-ahead for total freedom on domain name and the final version is expected to be published in early-2009. Companies and netizens can thus have unlimited choices such as .indian, .mumbai, .delhi, .bangalore, .chennai, . paris, .timbuctoo, .dilipkumar, .amitabhbachhan or .whateveryouwant. Like all desired things, these would come for a price: Rs 40 lakh to Rs 2 crore. Indian corporate houses like the Tatas, Birlas or Reliance [Get Quote], for instance, could apply for .tata, .birla or .reliance and the fee will not dent their balance sheet. If they get the domain name, they could, in turn, give each employee a .tata or .birla or .reliance email identity. The move is also expected to prompt many registrars, both Indian and foreign, to apply for registry status and form joint ventures with foreign companies. It's a lucrative business and requires low investments since the basic infrastructure is in place. ICANN appoints registries, such as Verisign for .com, to sells domain names. The registries pay ICANN only 25 cents (around Rs 10) per domain name. What remains after deducting costs is their profit. Registrars, in turn, buy domain names from registries and pay them $6 (about Rs 245) for each domain name in addition to the Rs 10 to be paid to ICANN. Net 4, an Indian domain name registrar, has already firmed up plans to apply for registry status, according to its CEO, Jasjit Sawhney. Meanwhile, ICANN said that trademark and intellectual property owners will get priority. Applicants also have to show "business plan and technical capacity". Disputed domains will be auctioned to the highest bidder. ICANN also reserves the right to reject a domain on "morality or public order" grounds, and the matter may go to an international arbitration committee. Critics however say the instances of domain squatting (buying names and selling them at higher prices) could increase. Currently, there are over 76 million .com names, while .biz -- the 10th-most popular -- has 2 million. There are 5 million .info names with around 650,000 added every year, and around 440,000 .in (India) registrations. An increase in clutter might make the .com stand out even more. "The .in domain did not take off, so the new TLDs will not affect the internet and .com will always rule," said Vijay Mukhi, an Internet expert.
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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Combustion Lessons Download

Combustion 2008 is a powerful stand-alone desktop solution for creating stunning visual effects. It is a resolution-independent vector paint, animation, editing, and 2D/3D compositing software application for multi-format work, from the web to video and HDTV to feature film. In addition to its robust and cost-effective toolset, Combustion offers the benefit of portability. Whether you are a motion graphics designer, animator, visual effects artist, or web designer, Combustion empowers you with the tools you need to create outstanding visual effects for your video projects, film projects, or web projects. Download the combustion lessons

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Dashaavtaram Movie

The Rs 65-crore film is also concentrating on a wider release in non-southern markets, with about 60 prints being released. This is perhaps the largest release a regional film has witnessed. In fact, Sivaji, which released with about 40 prints for the non-Southern markets, was only released with 12 prints in its first week and was then gradually increased with an additional 28 prints in the second week.Dasavatharam will be the first South Indian film to be screened in the New Jersey and New York areas, with three Tamil and two Telugu prints. The producer of the movie Oscar Productions is into promoting the movie and spent almost 15 million rupees for just audio launch and now is trying to make even US president to watch his movie.As per latest buzz, talks are on with the help of the producers US counterparts with Whitehouse officials to arrange for the screening. Dasavatharam story begins with an episode set in the 12th century, and then looks at coincidences. In this, Kamal plays Nambi, a staunch Vaishnavite priest. Other characters are an American, a Chinese man, a CBI officer from Andhra Pradesh, an old lady, a leader from Afghanistan, a Scheduled Tribes’ leader, George Bush, a Punjabi and one character, who looks like Kamal normally does.Dashaavtaram one of the challeging movie for kamal hassan after Indian. Kamal plays 10 characters in this film. The movie a tsunami set have been erected in Mutukadu.a 100 ft wall have been used for it at 50,000 sq ft to make it look real in film.The movie has a set designed like the White House.
Dasavatharam, directed by noted director, K. S. Ravikumar. It stars Kamal Haasan, who plays ten different roles, Asin Thottumkal , who plays two different roles, Mallika sheravat and Jayaprada in the lead roles with Napolean, Nagesh, Santhana Bharathi and Ravikumar himself in other pivotal roles.
In Dashaavtaram Kamal hassan plays 10 roles are likely to be a brahmin priest, a dwarf, a scientist, a fighter, a black man, a tourist guide, an old woman, a beggar, a young lady and an emperor
In Dashaavtaram Currently confirmed roles of Kamal hassan in the film are a 130 year old man, an old spiritual woman, a beautiful young lady and a rural tourist guide named Udhar Mani.he also plays the role of acting like a 7feet tall man which was filmed using modern technology
Mallika Sherawat appearing in Dasavatharam is old news. But her role seems to be very interesting. Reliable source revealed that the sultry actress has donned on the role of a CIA agent.

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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Comic Books Database is the fastest-growing comic database on the web. The first goal of this project is to catalog every comic, graphic novel, manga, creator, character and anything else that could possibly relate to the field of comics.But that is only the beginning. The second goal of is to make this wealth of information as useful as possible. This means making as many connections as possible from one issue, one creator, one character to everything else in the site.Best of all, is built by anyone and everyone who wants to help. Fans, creators, publishers, anyone who has information that is useful is welcome to register a free account and start contributing.So feel free to jump in, we hope you enjoy yourself!Firefox Users: Give the toolbar a try!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

A unique 360 degree video entertainment portal, launched by Essel Group’s Digital Media Convergence Ltd, hosts webisodes (encapsulated TV episodes) of television programmes drawn from leading TV channels. Impressed by the novel concept channels like Zee, Sony, Star, Eros entertainment, Subhash Gai and others have joined hands with DMCL to present webisodes, each one being a three minute version of a 30-minute episode, related to drama, romance, comedy, fiction, or soap, reality, lifestyle, movie clips, soap operas, sports, and news. By tracking the visitor’s surfing pattern, can help customise content and features that are best suited to an individual. He or she can also interact with people with similar preferences, integrate on all devices and post their opinion on the webisodes. Another great feature of this website is MyStage — a platform provided for users to showcase their talent. Instant fame is just a click away if you aspire to become a singer, actor, reporter, spiritual guru, or a DJ. All you need to do is to upload your videos to the site. You can get even paid for it, and this would depend on the number of times the video gets viewed. A recent success story at MyStage is that of Ms Indira Naik whose upload helped her to launch her music video, successfully. According to Alexa Ranking, launched barely two months ago, is ranked among the top 12,000 websites and its viewership is around two lakhs, a day.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Introducing Adobe Media Player

Adobe Media Player software provides viewers with control and flexibility to watch what they want, when they want — whether online or offline. Users can download and subscribe to their favorite Internet TV content and manage their personal video library for viewing at their convenience. With a broad catalog of videos and shows from the leading media companies and networks, you have endless choices. Pick the episodes you love to watch, and Adobe® Media Player software will track new episodes and download them so you can watch whenever you want.
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