Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Dashaavtaram Movie

The Rs 65-crore film is also concentrating on a wider release in non-southern markets, with about 60 prints being released. This is perhaps the largest release a regional film has witnessed. In fact, Sivaji, which released with about 40 prints for the non-Southern markets, was only released with 12 prints in its first week and was then gradually increased with an additional 28 prints in the second week.Dasavatharam will be the first South Indian film to be screened in the New Jersey and New York areas, with three Tamil and two Telugu prints. The producer of the movie Oscar Productions is into promoting the movie and spent almost 15 million rupees for just audio launch and now is trying to make even US president to watch his movie.As per latest buzz, talks are on with the help of the producers US counterparts with Whitehouse officials to arrange for the screening. Dasavatharam story begins with an episode set in the 12th century, and then looks at coincidences. In this, Kamal plays Nambi, a staunch Vaishnavite priest. Other characters are an American, a Chinese man, a CBI officer from Andhra Pradesh, an old lady, a leader from Afghanistan, a Scheduled Tribes’ leader, George Bush, a Punjabi and one character, who looks like Kamal normally does.Dashaavtaram one of the challeging movie for kamal hassan after Indian. Kamal plays 10 characters in this film. The movie a tsunami set have been erected in Mutukadu.a 100 ft wall have been used for it at 50,000 sq ft to make it look real in film.The movie has a set designed like the White House.
Dasavatharam, directed by noted director, K. S. Ravikumar. It stars Kamal Haasan, who plays ten different roles, Asin Thottumkal , who plays two different roles, Mallika sheravat and Jayaprada in the lead roles with Napolean, Nagesh, Santhana Bharathi and Ravikumar himself in other pivotal roles.
In Dashaavtaram Kamal hassan plays 10 roles are likely to be a brahmin priest, a dwarf, a scientist, a fighter, a black man, a tourist guide, an old woman, a beggar, a young lady and an emperor
In Dashaavtaram Currently confirmed roles of Kamal hassan in the film are a 130 year old man, an old spiritual woman, a beautiful young lady and a rural tourist guide named Udhar Mani.he also plays the role of acting like a 7feet tall man which was filmed using modern technology
Mallika Sherawat appearing in Dasavatharam is old news. But her role seems to be very interesting. Reliable source revealed that the sultry actress has donned on the role of a CIA agent.

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