Friday, September 14, 2007

We love our logo - MTV

We love our logo. For real, we wanna take it out for an expensive candlelit dinner... TWO appetizers. Since MTV's inception in 1981 our brand's been the subject of countless artist interpretations by some of the world's most beautifully warped minds. We plan to keep that spirit alive with the new and push it to the next level... YOU. This project is called MTV Hats (Header Art Treatments), and we plan to wear many of them. The works of art at MTV Hats are currently in rotation on Calling all artists? we want YOUR MTV.
To begin, download this Photoshop template. It's set up with actual dimensions, guidelines and a few samples of art in rotation on our site. Once your masterpiece is complete you'll need to email a high quality JPEG of your artwork here. We'll be scouring through submissions for the fresh, the fun and most importantly, the FREAK. If your piece is chosen we'll request a layered Photoshop file from you for our final output. The best of the best will be posted on this blog and go into permanent rotation on for the world to adore. We apologize for any delay in posting your submissions- we're just getting started on this project and have to sort out a few legal issues. Please be patient!
Rock steady, Design Team

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