Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Cadbury gorilla is voted favourite TV ad for 2007

Cadbury’s have just launched a £6.2m campaign for Dairy Milk featuring a gorilla playing the drum solo of Phil Collins’ track ‘In the Air Tonight’. The ad was written and directed by Sony Bravia ‘balls’ creative director Juan Cabral of Fallon London. Rather than wet our appeite for gorgeous tasting chocolate, the ad simply aims to entertain.Laurence Green, planning director of Fallon, “Cadbury traditionally did well-built ads for the interruption age when consumers had an implicit media deal with advertisers. In exchange for free TV they would allow us to interrupt their programmes with commercials,” says Green. “The nation has a massive soft spot for CDM and it is deeply embedded in the national psyche. For a brand that is so well known, it’s arguable whether the old style interruption advertising model is the best model for the future. So we are trying to engage more genuinely with our audience.”
The website TellyAds.com named the top 20 favourite adverts based on the number of times each clip was viewed online. Its founder, Jon Cousins, said: "There are those who say TV advertising has had its day, but a lot of people who visit our site tell us they think the ads are often better than the programmes. It's interesting to see that there have been around 4,000 new TV adverts produced this year alone. Created by the award-winning Fallon agency in London, the commercial has stimulated great interest, partly because it does not feature the product until the very end. (Guardian)

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