Friday, July 27, 2007

Cadbury Mini 2D animated TVC by Famous House of Animation

Mumbai based Famous House of Animation has recently created a refreshingly wonderful 2D animated TVC for Cadbury Mini.
The TVC Nanha Jadugar was worked on by 20 artists and was completed in 22 days.
Divided into three sections the story of the commercial revolves around a kid magician ‘Nanha Jadugar‘, who turns big things into small to entertain his friends.
The Creative Director, Famous House of Animation E. Suresh shared, "I was very clear that this will work very well with 2D. And 2D has once again become rare in terms of its presence in the TV ads. 3D and clay have become very popular lately, so I felt a need to showcase more variants within the 2D animation category to make people bold enough to go for this medium."
The first section has the Nanha Jadugar making his dad‘s car into a toy car but fails to get it back into its original size. Dad is furious, the kids run off.
The second situation is where the small kids play cricket against big bad boys and Nanha Jadugar comes to their rescue by making the opponent bats-man‘s bat really tiny like an ice-cream spoon and gets him clean bowled. The big bad boys get furious and the kids run off.
In the last section the kids feel like having Perk and other Cadbury products, but they have only Re 1 and 2. So, the Nanha Jadugar swings into action by making a section of Cadbury products smaller in sizes to make them available at the same price. The kids are all excited with the new twist in the story for once without any repercussions like the earlier situations.
Suresh said, "2D as a style seems to be very unimpressive when one has to take a client through to get him/her on board of a 2D animation production ship. It is comparatively easy with 3D and clay animation. Many clients view clay as a very exclusive medium to use and rightly so as the craftsmanship availability is rarer and that makes it very expensive too."
"But we in India, especially our TV audience are not oriented at all to the wide range of possibilities that 2D animation as a medium can offer. I would jump at an opportunity to make a stylized animated ad any day given the right amount of time, budget and patience" he concluded.

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